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Cognitive Neuroscience of Executive Functions

23 ott 2017 Padova

Join the Cognitive Neuroscience of Executive Function International Conference (CNEF 2017).
The conference will cover various aspects of executive functions, including their anatomo-functional organization in the human brain, how they are impaired by brain lesions and boosted through stimulation, training and experience.

You will have the opportunity to visit a city oozing with beauty and art, which hosts one of the oldest universities in the world. You can follow the steps of famous scientists like Galileo Galilei or loose yourself in captivating paintings drawn by Giotto in the Cappella degli Scrovegni. However, Padova has much more to offer…click here to find out!

​The conference will feature a full set of scientific events, such as symposia with renown international speakers, brief talks, and poster sessions, as well as social events, such as a guided tour to the Palazzo del Bo, or a cocktail party in the city center.