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The main services on offer to affiliated facilities.
Once affiliated, members can access numerous services.

The Padua Convention Bureau supports local affiliates by increasing their visibility in the events market both in Italy and abroad. It helps them to generate business opportunities by implementing initiatives aimed at promoting Padua and the region and boosting its reputation as a brand name for quality events. This is achieved through participation in workshops and trade fairs, a constant media presence, fam trips and site inspections, and support for nominations put forward at national and international events.


First instalment in 2018: last few months of the year free for new affiliates.

For companies joining in autumn 2017, the last few months of the year will be free, with full access to all our services.


Use of the Padua Convention Bureau trademark

Every affiliate member can use the trademark of the Padua Convention Bureau and include it in their promotional materials, on their website and in their documentation as a guarantee of the quality of the services on offer.


Visibility on the Destination's Conference Website

Each affiliate member has its own dedicated space on the destination's conference website. Each member of the Padua Convention Bureau is listed along with photos, their main contact details and a data sheet with a description of the services offered by the supplier. A link can also be included that takes users from the conference portal to the affiliate member's private website.


Support for those putting forward nominations

The Padua Convention Bureau provides assistance and support (in the form of consulting) to individual affiliate members for the preparation of national and international nominations.


Technical material and photographs

The PCB's photo archive will be available to affiliate members free of charge. These photos can be used by affiliates in their own publications. Informative material and blueprints for the preparation of projects and nominations are available on request.


Participation in trade fairs

The Padua Convention Bureau participates in trade fairs and industry workshops. Each affiliate is represented (where possible) and can participate as a co-exhibitor for free or at a discounted rate.


Fam Trips & Tours

The Padua Convention Bureau, in conjunction with its affiliate members, organises familiarisation trips, sales missions and inspection visits for meeting planners, PCOs, travel agencies and specialist tour operators who are interested in getting to know the area and the services provided by affiliates.


Contact with the media and industry operators

All requests that the Padua Convention Bureau receives from national and international journalists, tour operators, PCOs, meeting planners and event organisers are passed on directly to affiliates in order to ensure their full involvemen


Inclusion in promotional and information kits

When site inspections, workshops/promotions and sponsored events are held, an "information kit" including material on our affiliate members will be distributed to attendees.


Events Calendar

The list of events and meetings managed by the Padua Convention Bureau will be updated regularly to allow affiliates to constantly monitor the calendar.


Financial and industry data

To keep its operators up-to-date and as well-informed as possible, the Padua Convention Bureau will supply affiliate members with financial data and analyses of national and international trends affecting the conference industry.



The Padua Convention Bureau organises targeted training and refresher courses for affiliate members

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