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Padua Convention Bureau works alongside the organisers of events, meetings and conferences to attract these events to the province of Padua.

With its in-depth knowledge of the region, its facilities and its operators, Padua Convention Bureau aims to make these events a success on both a technical and an institutional level by constantly profiling and coordinating the conference industry in the area.

The Bureau's goal is to promote the city and the province as an ideal destination, and it can act as a liaison between those who want to organise events in the area, the region, and operators capable of offering the required services.


Suggesting and checking the availability of conference venues, hotels and event locations


Support for nominations at national and international conferences


Organisation of educational tours aimed at exploring the region


Organisation of conference venue and hotel inspections


Liaison and collaboration with local institutions, suppliers and regional operators


Providing informative and promotional material about the destination such as presentations, images, digital and paper brochures, city maps and conference kits


Supporting and seeking out sponsorships and partnerships between institutions, local authorities and regional companies


Supporting event promotion through local, national and international press and new media


Suggestions of pre and post-conference services and transport

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