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Excursions and Nature

The province of Padua is a natural wonder waiting to be explored: from hills to rivers and from medieval villages to lakes, the region boasts numerous points of interest that make ideal stopping points for family excursions or for more challenging trails designed for experienced adventurers.


Padua and the surrounding province are an ideal location for excursions of all types and difficulty levels. Perfect for sporty types and outdoor enthusiasts alike, the various hiking itineraries on offer allow you to discover a truly unique region.

Discovering the area around Padua
Exploring the area around Padua means getting to know the true essence of the region and discovering its little-known nooks and crannies, whose beauty may take you by surprise! The province of Padua is known for its enormously varied landscape: plains alternate with hills, waterways with cycle paths, and ancient villages with magnificent Venetian villas. Treat yourself to a day in the great outdoors and discover the beauty of Padua's countryside: thanks to the dense network of cycle paths, the numerous bridleways that cross the region, and the navigable rivers and canals, you can savour picturesque vistas and enjoy authentic flavours and aromas.

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Whether it's a short, sharp spin or a fully-fledged excursion, going for a bike ride after an intense work session can be the most effective way to relax your mind and boost your energy levels. At the same time, cycling can offer views that would pass us by with other means of transport. The area around Padua boasts a well-developed network of cycle paths. For the more experienced cyclist, the region also offers longer and more challenging routes, some of which connect Padua to other cities. Rent a bike from one of the city's specialist centres and head out to discover the region's cycle routes!

Exploring the area on horseback is a gentle, relaxing way to enjoy its beauty in close contact with nature. The entire Veneto region offers a wide range of options for lovers of equestrian tourism thanks to the varied landscape of the area and the many riding clubs and bridleways dotted throughout. From the flatter, simpler itineraries that run along the Po, Piave and Adige rivers, or along the Venetian lagoon and the Po Delta, to the more complex and demanding mountain routes, not forgetting the intermediate hill rides, the bridleways of the Veneto are an ideal way to discover a region bursting with natural beauty.

In the past, the region's water transport facilities were highly developed thanks to a dense network of canals that connected the cities with the Venetian lagoon and the sea. With the Brenta river to the north and the Bacchiglione to the south, Padua was a particularly important commercial crossroads between Venice and the hinterland. Over the centuries, the network of canals spanning the region has dwindled somewhat, but there are still various waterways that allow us to admire Veneto from a different angle and discover Roman bridges, ancient buildings and medieval walls. Take advantage of the boat trips on offer and experience the charm of our enchanting ancient waterways.