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A prepared and multi-talented team that brings together a range of different skills to provide a practical, high-profile solution for those wishing to organise an event in the Padua area.

Roberto Crosta
Roberto Crosta Presidente email
Laura Favaretti
Laura Favaretti Responsabile email
Serena Malimpensa
Serena Malimpensa Amministrazione email
Marta Nicolazzi
Marta Nicolazzi Sales department email
Xhesi Loka
Xhesi Loka Sales department email


Organising an event, whether big or small, requires professionalism and passion. These are the founding characteristics of the working group that operates out of the offices of the Padua DMO Tourism Consortium, home to the Padua Convention Bureau. Our experts analyse the administrative and management side of things on a daily basis. Our advertising and communication strategies, meanwhile, are safe in the hands of professional journalists with specific skills in the field of conference promotion.


The staff of the Padua Convention Bureau also provide invaluable support to our affiliates: local businesses who have decided to join the Convention, choosing us as a key partner in their dealings with Italian and foreign "buyers" in search of the best location for an event in northeast Italy.