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Spas and Wellbeing

The spas of Abano and Montegrotto form the largest thermal basin in Europe and lie just a short distance from the centre of Padua. The perfect haven for a relaxing break, the area's spas have everything you need to make your stay in Padua complete.


Renowned both in Italy and further afield, the spas of Abano and Montegrotto offer a range of services and treatments to satisfy the needs of every visitor. Enjoy an invigorating massage, experience the therapeutic properties of mud-based compresses on your skin, and pamper yourself while sipping a healthy herbal tea. After a hectic day of work, a visit to one of the many spas just a short distance from Padua is a real cure-all for both your body and your mind.

Our selection of partner spas can offer you a safe haven where you can let go of stress and tiredness, immersing yourself in a cocoon of wellbeing that will refresh you and give you an energy boost. Set against a splendid natural backdrop, the Euganean Spas are an oasis of peace and tranquillity.

The town of Abano is the main centre of the Euganean Spas. The properties of its thermal waters have been known since ancient times. Thanks to a close-knit network of accommodation facilities and specialist spa centres, Abano is rightly considered one of the world's most renowned locations for mud therapy.

The water, which comes from both rain and the melting snow in the Alps, penetrates the subsoil through fractures in the rocks and descends deep into the earth, where it is heated to a temperature high enough to dissolve the salts found in the rocks. This is how Abano's celebrated thermal water, famous the world over for its beneficial properties, is formed. Every year, thousands of tourists flock to the city to feel the benefits of the mud and the thermal baths, to cure specific medical ailments, or just to treat themselves to a break where wellbeing and looking after number one are the top priority.

We have partnerships in place with various facilities in Abano Terme, each of which makes the wellbeing of guests the top priority, ensuring that a spa break in the town is nothing but total relaxation and pleasure.

Like nearby Abano, Montegrotto Terme also owes its fame to the thermal waters that surface in the town, known for their beneficial and healing properties. A short distance from the centre of Padua, Montegrotto is certainly worth a visit.

The town of Montegrotto is inextricably linked to its thermal waters, a bond that has endured since ancient times: the first evidence of the thermal water being used by humans dates back to the Iron Age, although the development of the spa resort proper coincided with the arrival of the Romans in the region. Evidence of the Roman settlement survives to this day, especially in the Roman villa on Via Neroniana.

Today, Montegrotto remains a landmark destination for wellness tourism thanks to its numerous hotels and facilities equipped with swimming pools and thermal grottoes. Choose the partner facility that best suits your needs and treat yourself to a well-deserved break where wellbeing is the top priority.