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I MACCHIAIOLI. Capolavori dell'Italia che risorge

from 24 Oct 2020 - to 30 Jun 2021

More than 100 masterpieces document the highly emotive world of the Macchiaioli, a world whose essence tells of the values of man, heroic, indefatigable man, his strength and courage, his will to start again day after day in the face of any difficulty. Independent, revolutionary spirits, impassioned with patriotic fervour and firm in their affections, the Macchiaioli painted that which the “real” offered their eyes. Mention must be made of the Caffè Michelangiolo in Florence, epicentre of their ideas, their battles for the assertion of a new aesthetic that would place man, reality and nature at the centre. The Macchiaioli knew how to capture the emotions and values of man in every single moment of daily lifeevery smile or human effortevery landscape and unsullied nature. Full of dreams and vital emotions, strengthened by a powerful and true spirit that always opposes death, the man of today is also a “macchiaiolo” man, able to grasp life in a full, total and profoundly heroic way.