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"The governance of tourism in the digital age" Friday 19 October 2018,


"The governance of tourism in the digital age"

Friday 19 October 2018,

15 hours Hall of Charity, via San Francesco, 61 - Padua

A book that look into the changes in our society and photographs the "tourism phenomenon" with the attention it deserves through methodological criteria, experiences and case studies. Introduced Andrea Colasio, Councilor for Culture, Museums, Monumental Building and Tourism of the City of Padua Federica Toniolo, deputy director of Cultural Heritage Department, University of Padua Nicola Orio, Director of the Degree Course in Planning and Management of Cultural Tourism Paola Zanovello, director of the Masters in Design of the tourism offer intervene The authors Stefan Marchioro and Adriana Miotto following Anna Mazzi and Antonio Scipioni: "Environmental management as a local development strategy" Elena Pisani, Riccardo Da Re, Laura Burighel and Diego Gallo: "The participated planning for the development of territory tourism" Valeria Mazzucato and Roberto Squarcina: "Businesses in Veneto" Dario Bertocchi, Nicola Camatti and Jan van der Borg: "The non-traditional accommodation, the case of Veneto" Giulia Lavarone: "Tourism induced by cinema" Stefano Landi: "The PST and the" catalog "of Italian tourism companies: knowing to decide" Francesco Palumbo: "The Strategic Plan for Tourism 2017-2022: a participatory path in continuous evolution"