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Centro Culturale San Gaetano

01 ESTERNO centro san gaetano
02 agora san gaetano
20 Auditorium san gaetano
12 - scamozzi san gaetano

Padua: a city rich in history and culture, full of colours and lived by people who love knowledge and sharing.
Starting from these connotative elements Altinate/San Gaetano Cultural Centre has become a reference place in town, a place conceived with the intention of informing, promoting and spreading culture in all its forms.

The Centre organizes and proposes exhibitions, debates, festivals, events, courses and conferences.
Furthermore, it is quite a few years that outstanding events which beckon hundreds of visitors are performed here.

The Centre was established in 2008 after the renovation of the ex-Courthouse, which previously was a Theatine convent compound. It is a four-storey structure with a total floor area of 12,000 sqm.

This town reality, particularly oriented towards Youth, is well-known as seat of versatile activities, a place “to exploit”, where it is possible to socialize, study, attend concerts, shows, have lunch or just take a cup of coffee and read a book.

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