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L.C. Congressi srl e I Viaggi dell’Ambaradan

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L.C. Congressi srl - Professional Congress and Event Organization, and I Viaggi dell'Ambaradan - Leading Travel Agency: a single highly qualified company operating in business & leisure services for over twenty years.

We carefully analyze the client's needs, structure a complete 360-degree, customized and
''turnkey'' proposal, supervise the project and ensure that every organizational detail fully meets
the client's expectations and is in line with our agency's adopted standards of quality and
refinement, creating unique and personalized proposals.

Originality, Dynamism and Attention to Detail are the elements that distinguish us.
We create Stories! We organize successful Congresses, Weddings and Events in unique and
prestigious sites, with prestigious clients and with set-ups that enhance their distinctive features
while emphasizing the protagonists of the moment.


  • HD video capture system
  • Hostess & Stewards Service
  • Technical and logistics services
  • All-round management of conference services
  • Project analysis, needs assessment
  • Budget management
  • Event promotion
  • Graphic design and printing
  • Selection of conference venues, hotels, restaurants
  • Attendance tracking
  • Public relations and press
  • Sponsors
  • Reception for speakers, guests, participants
  • Event monitoring and customer feedback
  • Ticket office for transport and transfers
  • Admin office with multilingual staff, translators and interpreters
  • Technical and IT services
  • Mailing service
  • Photo services
  • Logistics and reception
  • Online tools and services
  • Financial objectives

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