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Caffè Pedrocchi

caffè Pedrocchi
gallina in saor
plateatico estate
rossini cena
rossini meeting
sala rossa
tagliolino pedrocchi
torta Pedrocchi

The Caffè Pedrocchi is one of the symbols of Padua, a place voted for the taste of its coffee as well as its cuisine. Known as the most exclusive location in the center of the city; the most spectacular and important events are realized here. Padua, the City of the three “without”, “the Saint without a name, the field without grass and the Café without doors”: St. Anthony’s Basilica is referred to as “of the Saint”, the Prato della Valle, until the 1800’s lacked any grass, and the Caffè Pedrocchi, “without doors” because it used to remain open day and night since its inauguration in 1831 until 1916. In January 2014, F&De Group, a leading company in Food&Beverage and in high luxury restaurants, proudly took management of the Caffè Pedrocchi. In collaboration with the city of Padua, they took on the project of renovating the building to return the rooms, marbles and furnishings to their antique beauty all while respecting the original structure and its history. Along with this restoration came new services and new initiatives, including the inception of the new modern space of the new “Pasticceria” coffee bar, the new Pedrocchi experience, Aperitifs, exclusive events in addition to many musical and cultural gatherings. These innovative additions serve to live up to the history and name of the Caffè Pedrocchi, for everyone, for every moment, a symbolic and active point of interest of Padua.


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